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Pest Control Canberra

Pest Control Canberra offers crawling pest control, fly pest control & pest removal services. Call professional pest controller for same day service.

Local Pest Control Canberra

Koala Pest Control Canberra established in Canberra more than a decade ago. We are a leading professional pest control service provider and provide solutions for Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Mosquito, Termites, Wood Borers, White-Ants, Flies, Mice, and Rats for both commercial and residential sectors. We take pride in providing you the best services that no one can give you the way we do and this is what makes our company the best known in Canberra for all kinds of pest control services. We provide services in all the suburbs of Canberra.

Pest Control Canberra

Pest Control Canberra

Why choose Koala Pest Control Canberra?

  • We provide completely odorless, hassle-free and safe treatment which would not cause any allergies to elderly people, pets or kids.
  • Our pest treatment service has a long-lasting affect and is extremely efficient.
  • We provide best pest control treatment services anywhere in Canberra and can be carried out at any time of the day.
  • You will not have to empty your room, office or kitchen. Our team will do the entire work for you starting from removing and finally keeping back all the stuff in place.
  • Our special treatment completely kills all kinds of pests from your premises unlike any other regular pest treatment service.
  • Our special treatment protects the infested wooden furniture with the help of our exclusive chemicals and not just kills the pests but also protects it from any future infestations.
  • Our professionals are highly trained, qualified and licensed.
  • A van of our experts is always ready to provide you services. As soon as we get a booking, our local pest control experts get going and finish the tasks with the highest quality at the fastest speed.
  • We give full guarantee of our services for 45 days after the treatment is done.
  • We provide same day pest treatment service in Canberra.
Pest Control Canberra

Pest Control Canberra

Domestic Pest Control Canberra

We provide the best pest control services in Canberra for houses, backyards and other areas. The products, solutions and equipment which we use are of high quality and approved by the government. The solutions we use are eco-friendly and reliable.

Commercial Pest Control Canberra

Pests can ruin your reputation completely, create hindrances in daily operations and lead to regulatory fines. Koala pest control services will protect your business and your overall reputation in the market. We put each and every ounce of our experience and effort for you in creating a full-proof defense against pests.

Our Special Services in Canberra

  • Before we start with any treatment, our special team would perform a thorough inspection of the entire place and accordingly decide the treatment method and solutions which should be used.
  • We apply our special solution at places which have the highest chances of infestation like cracks, and holes etc.
  • We also use odorless sprays for places where it is otherwise difficult to reach.
  • We use Drill, Fill and Seal technique that causes a barrier for pests. We apply solutions properly at these highly susceptible places and seal them up. This ensures that all the pests are killed and future growth is also stopped.
  • Our treatment and solutions are absolutely odor-free. Even on the day the treatment is done, you would not feel bothered by the smell
  • After the treatment is done, we re-inspect the whole place to make sure that the area is well protected against various pests.
Pest Control Canberra

Pest Control Canberra

One of the most prime reasons why pest control is needed is maintaining good health and hygiene conditions. Pests can cause serious diseases and infections. It is extremely important for everyone to regularly get pest control treatment done at their place. At Koala, we promise to give you the best and most professional pest control services in Canberra. So, call us now at 1300 402 628 to book a pest control service appointment with us.

Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia