How to Prolong The Life of The Mattress?

Every homeowner wishes to prolong the life of their mattress as you spend a lot of money on your bedding and want to use it for years and years. There are many reasons because of which your mattress may not live for a long time such as if it gets infected by bed bugs, or threads from the fibre is coming out, no comfort and so on. You may end up getting a new mattress for a comfortable and healthy sleep which will cost you heavily. So it is very important to be careful and follow certain steps which will help you in increasing the life of your mattress. Koala Cleaning suggests the tips given below will not only prolong the life of your mattress but will also help in saving a lot of your money from investing in a replacement.

Koala Cleaning Services
Koala Cleaning Services

Tips To Increase The Life Of Mattress

  1. Vacuuming Regularly:

    There are many ways through which you can save your carpet from getting damaged one among them is vacuum regularly your mattress. It is the best tip if you are looking forward to increasing the life of your mattress. All you have to do is choose the best vacuum machine available in the market and vacuum your mattress almost every alternate day. All the dirt particles and other particles will be easily removed from the mattress. Presence of these particles also destroys the fabric of the mattress and eventually decreases the life of the mattress.  
  2. Cover Your Mattress Properly:

    Mattress are of different types like polyester, cotton, latex, bamboo and so on. Some are water-resistant and some are not. So you have to be very careful and properly cover your mattress using best and comfortable bed sheets. Mattress covers help in avoiding all the dirt particles which directly goes to mattress and damages it. Moreover, due to mattress covers your body odour and sweat will directly not get in contact with the mattress. Stains will also not directly reach the mattress when you place some cover over your mattress. So this is also the best tip to increase the life of your mattress. 
  3. Rotate Your Mattress Frequently:

    This tip is also helpful for prolonging the life of the mattress.  Rotating your mattress frequently will help in keeping it in good shape. As you and your family sleep on the mattress in the same position every day there’s a chance that it may get wear and tear problem. Changing the side of the mattress will also give you a peaceful sleep because the other side will be more comfy and cold. You can even clean from the other side of the mattress when you rotate it.
  4. Train Your Pets:

    You’ve got to train your pets to not pee on the mattress. If your pet is new then make sure you are not allowing them to get on to your mattress. Urine stains of pets can also harm the fabric of your mattress. So experts advise to well train your pets if you want to see the mattress in a good condition for a long time. Sometimes you even find pet hairs on your mattress. This is also one of the reasons why you have to keep your pets away from your mattress. You can get a separate bed for pets to play or snuggle in. 
  5. Restrict Jumping On The Bed:

    Your kids may play on your bed or jump on the mattress which destroys the shape of the mattress. If you want to maintain the shape of the mattress for a good time period then make sure you restrict your kids to jump on the bed. The mattress will start getting tear if jumping or playing on it increases. So experts advise being very careful with your mattress and especially with the expensive ones.
  6. Treat The Stains Immediately:

    Accidents may take place on your mattress and your mattress may get stained. The moment you notice the stains treat them effectively. If you do not remove the stains then it will start infecting your mattress and thus you will end up dumping it and getting a new mattress. To keep your mattress stain-free and to add life to it, you have to treat stains as soon as possible. Use natural and safe home remedies to remove the stains present on your mattress. Do not use any kind of harmful chemicals as the situation may get worse. 
  7. Avoid Having Food On Mattress:

    This tip is also taken into consideration when it comes to keeping the mattress in a good condition so that it can run for a longer period. Do not eat food on your mattress as the food particles will go into it and gradually it will become the home of allergens and dirt. These allergens will make you and your family suffer as well your mattress will also suffer. So to keep the mattress hygienic and neat avoid having any kind of food or snacks on your valuable mattress. 

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