Different Steps Involved in Carpet Cleaning

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As we all know carpets across a period collect a lot of dust and dirt. A dirty carpet can produce microscopic organisms that are unclean and bad for the consumer, such as dust mites, fungus, bacteria, etc. Besides, a dirty rug not only spoils the aesthetic appeal but can also emit a bad smell spoiling the room’s feel. Regular carpet washing is, therefore, a necessity. Based on the use of carpet and other reasons such as the presence of children or pets in the room, the intensity may vary from after every six months to once every two months, and whether anybody is suffering from an allergy at home.

Best Carpet Cleaning services

There are Different Types of Processes for Cleaning Carpets, As Discussed Below

Both forms of carpet cleaning use initial cleaning to remove dust.

  1. Pre-Inspection:

    We must pre-inspect the carpet or tiles in coordination with the client to assess areas of concern. Our technician will go with you to your home for a visual examination of the carpet. He will identify possible permanent stains and send you an overview of anticipated results.

  2. Commercial Pre-Vacuuming:

    A commercial heavy vacuum is used to extract rough, brittle, abrasive and destroying soil as required. To extract bonded dry soil, the carpet must be completely vacuumed with a unique Turbine Vacuum System. A thorough vacuum scraping of dry soil. Removing dry soil is one of the most significant cleaning phases.

  3. Furniture Moving:

    We must shift furniture gently and position it on special protectors to avoid bleeding stains in the rust or furniture. Sofas, benches, and tables are placed with care. Under our standard pricing system, larger parts like china cages and electronics are kept in place. The furniture will be covered with frames and tabs which are removable.

  4. Baseboard Cleaning:

    We’ll often clean any dust or dirt from the uncovered baseboards when moving furniture.

  5. Accelerated Drying:

    We will strategically position professional air moving machinery during cleaning to accelerate the drying process.

  6. Pre-Treatment:

    Carpets will be pre-treated to our special cleaning products to break down resistant soils and suspend them before removal.

  7. Pre-Spotting:

    Koala Cleaning uses unique sighting agents and mechanical agitation to pre-treat spots. Rough spots are pre-treated with different solutions to improve removal chances.

  8. Soil Extraction and Rinse:

    The fabric is then rinsed completely with an efficient removal cleaning device without over wetting the carpet or left behind a sticky residue.

  9. Neutralizer:

    Each carpet we clean is balanced by pH so that no sticky stain is left behind. That keeps your carpet fresh and soft too.

  10. Post Spot:

    Any residual spots or stains will be handled additionally with our other specialist spot solutions. Make sure to have qualified carpet cleaner added to your carpet for longer carpet life and less lasting stains.

  11. High-Pressure Hot Water Extraction:

    Through our hot water extraction method, suspended soils are easily flushed out of your carpet and extracted from your home and tapes.

  12. Sanitizing Deodorizer:

    To preserve freshness and destroy germs, your carpets will be pampered and indulged with a sanitizing deodorizer. Carpets with a new, classic look are left clean and hygienic. 

  13. Final Finishing:

    For optimum look, softness, and fast-drying we must position your carpet pile carefully. A perfect completed look will be left to carpets.

  14. Post Inspection:

    Our specialists will carry out a final inspection of any areas of concern with the clients.

Why to Trust  Koala Cleaning When It Comes to Carpet Cleaning;

You can count on us for carpet cleaning in Sydney requirements because of the following;

  1. 24*7 services
  2. Your Time Your day cleaning
  3. Same Day Carpet Cleaning Experience
  4. Thorough Inspection
  5. Making out for any discrepancies (if any)

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