Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Curtain Cleaning Melbourne offers Steam Drapery & Blinds Cleaning Services in Melbourne. Call on 0488 850 984 for same day booking ! We are experts in removing stains, spillages and spots from the curtains with the help of organic chemicals and eco-friendly methods. Get in touch with us today.

Domestic and Commercial Curtain Cleaners Melbourne

The weather of Melbourne changes like a wave. One day you may experience a shiny bright day, and then the other day it may rain! Well, due to this reason it becomes very crucial for every household to use drapes and curtains, so that extra sunlight, duct, and chilly winds may be avoided.

Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, curtains help to keep your privacy intact and give a classy look to the decoration of your house. But, the catch here is that maintenance of such lengthy drapes and curtains can be a nightmare. Also, accidental spills may leave nasty spots on them decorating the beauty of those curtains. In such a situation it is best to hire professional curtain cleaning companies like Koala Cleaning in Melbourne.

Reliable and Top Notch Curtain Cleaning Services in Melbourne

In the last few years, we have become a popular name in almost every household of Melbourne because of our excellent carpet and drape cleaning in Melbourne. the

  • At Koala the experts have years of experience in this work and they very well know how to handle dirty curtains and drapes.
  • Our services range from providing curtain cleaning, maintaining them to the removal of stinky stains from your precious curtains.
  • The best part of our curtain cleaning Melbourne service is that we treat each type of curtain materials differently, unlike other companies who use the same kind of method for all the type of curtains.

Get Your Curtains Cleaned With Intense Care

Best Curtain Cleaning Services Melbourne

Best Curtain Cleaning Services Melbourne

  • At Koala Curtain Cleaning Melbourne, we understand the importance of each and every curtain material and therefore provide cleaning methods which won’t affect them negatively in any way.
  • We offer comprehensive cleaning of curtains in and around Melbourne.
  • Our experts take down all the curtains clean them thoroughly, re-hang them and other accessories as well.
  • At Koala we understand professionalism and the importance of time as well. This is the reason as to why we finish our work perfectly on time leaving no scope for complaint.
  • We work on weekends as well, so that our customers do not have to take a day off from their work.
  • Our multi-step cleaning process is enough to remove any kind of dust, dirt, foul odor and stains out from your precious curtains, and this, in turn, helps them to retain their luster and shine.

 Drapes and Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Our company deals with the cleaning of not only curtains but other window/door covers as well like drapes or blinds.

At Koala, we are up-to date with the present technological advancement and we keep on revising our services so that we can incorporate all the perks of our work.

Our way of treating the curtains and drapes is even suitable for the delicate and soft fabric. We don’t need to take down your curtains- instead, we clean them as it is. Shocked, aren’t you? Well, a new method called Steam cleaning has made this possible. Let us see how.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Process

At Koala, we aim at providing the best of what we have to our beloved customers. This is the reason as to why we keep on updating our cleaning services. Earlier, normal cleaning process done with water took ample amount of your time and energy, but with steam cleaning, this hassle full work has become very easy. It takes less time also.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Process in Melbourne

Curtain Steam Cleaning Process in Melbourne

Thus, our cleaning process has been discussed below:

  • First of all, as we get an appointment from our customers, we send a team of experts to the site in order to make note of the type of fabric and the length of the curtains. It helps us to decide which type of chemical would be apt for that type of fabric.
  • With this information, we decide which type of cleaning agent would be good. So that the color and the fabric of the curtains is not be affected at all.
  • The next day, our experts arrive at the site in the morning itself. Initially, they start with focusing on the nasty, old stains and spills which have the ability to deteriorate the fabric and the beauty of the curtains. This involves applying of organic and non-toxic chemicals to them and leave it to react.
  • Next step involves the extraction of dust and dirt which gets accumulated over the fabric. This is done with the help of a powerful equipment as extraction involves a lot of pressure so that the dust and dirt come out easily.
  • Then we steam clean the curtains.
  • After this, we deodorize the curtains and drapes. This makes sure that there is no foul smell in the room and around curtains. It makes them smell and look fresh and completely clean also.
  • If our customers want, then our technician also provides one more treatment for the maintenance of your curtains. This involves applying some kind of stain shield. The work for this shield is to protect the curtains from getting dirty soon.
  • A post-inspection finishes our work.

Why Hire Us?

There are various reason as to why you must hire us. We make sure that you are at the profitable end.

  • Trained, experienced and certified curtain cleaners
  • Security is our topmost priority
  • No extra charges for pets care
  • Convenience – we are available on a call
  • Flexible payment modes and methods
  • Attractive discounts
  • Same day and emergency carpet cleaning

Extend your trust in us once, and we are sure that we don’t disappoint you in any way.

Great Curtain Cleaning Service

I feel Koala Cleaning is the best curtain and blind cleaning service, provider. I find their service is not very expensive. I cannot recognize my old curtain after coming from the first service. My curtain is smelling good and become lighter. I would definitely like to recommend them to all my friends.
- Zac Courtney

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia