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Koala Cleaning is the best carpet cleaning agency in Perth. We have a long-standing tradition of providing reliable, efficient and trustworthy carpet cleaning services. That too right at your doorstep. Our range of services covers your every residential and commercial. When we are done, the commercial carpets will have their corporate glean back. While the residential carpets will once again be glowing with a sense of warmth and comfort. And why shouldn’t we? You are placing your hard-earned money and your trust with us. So it is only fair that we return that investment tenfold and deliver the best possible result. We at Koala Carpet Cleaning Perth, pride ourselves for customer satisfaction. And in case you are wondering why there are a few reasons behind it. For starters, we hire only the best. All our employees are experts at what they do.
Apart from this, we also offer emergency carpet cleaning services as well. Even though it is for emergencies, the quality of service will still be the same without a single hidden charge. So what are you waiting for? Find all your soiled carpets and give us a call.

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    We are available 24*7. So in case of any emergency or last-minute cleaning, you know who to call. (Psst… it is us.)

    Eco-friendly solutions

    All our carpet cleaning solutions and carpet cleaning practices are eco friendly

    Latest carpet cleaning tools

    As the old saying goes; a worker is only as good as his tools. And so it goes without saying, to deliver the best customer experience, all our tools are top of the line.

    Free Quotes

    At Koala Carpet Cleaning Perth, you will always get a free quote.

    Affordable services

    At Koala Carpet Cleaning Perth, we believe in customer satisfaction and empathy. As a result, all our prices are friendly to your wallet.

    Services available all over Perth

    Koala Carpet Cleaning Perth does what the name suggests, clean carpets all across Perth.


    Carpet Cleaning Service Perth

    Carpet steam cleaning

    For those who don’t know, carpet steam cleaning is a very effective method for removing pests, dust and stains from the carpet, also referred to as hot water extraction cleaning. In steam cleaning, water is heated to high temperatures and then the vapours are applied with high pressure by a steam cleaning machine. This breaks down all the dust, oil stains etc. rapidly and they easily come off once the carpet is drily steamed and vacuumed.

    Carpet dry cleaning

    In this method, we use several solutions and/or machines with very low moisture content in them. These machines and solutions have specially crafted solvents that break down any oil residue, dust etc on your carpet. The best part about this method is that there is no waiting time for the carpet to dry.

    Carpet Stain Removal

    No two carpets are the same and no two stains are the same either. So every carpet and its stain need a specialized procedure to restore it to mint condition. Some of the varied techniques that we use to do so are the aforementioned steam and dry cleaning along with others like shampooing etc.

    Carpet Mould Removal

    Carpet mould removal is a lengthy and oftentimes a difficult process. For this process, the first order of business is to get the carpet out of the house so that the spores don’t spread. Then, we make a quick dry pass to loosen the mould followed by a proper cleaning procedure.

    Carpet sanitization

    In light of recent events, carpet sanitization has become essential if you are looking to protect you and your family from future, airborne diseases. So to sanitize carpets, we use hot water solutions with some disinfectants and cleaning solvents.

    Carpet Shampooing

    Carpet shampooing is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways of cleaning a carpet. In this, a carpet specific cleaning soap, solution and water are used. Once applied and foam is formed, a rotator device is used to remove the foam and the solution.

    Carpet Cleaning Services Perth

    Carpet Disinfection

    Carpet disinfection involves a pretty straightforward procedure. First, a disinfectant solution is applied to the carpet. Then, it is steam cleaned. This allows for every fibre of the carpet to get thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

    Hot Water Extraction

    Hot water extraction is quite similar to the steam cleaning a carpet all things considered. However, there are a few marked differences between the two. In this method, the water is not heated to the levels it is in the steam cleaning method. As a result, all of the water doesn’t get converted to steam and the steam produced is not “pure.”

    Carpet dyeing

    Carpet dyeing is one of the more cosmetic services that we offer. Before you get a carpet dyed though, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Only wool and nylon fibre carpets can be dyed and even those can’t be dyed to a lighter shade. To get the best results, choose a darker shade to the current shade of your carpet.

    Scotchgard carpet protection

    Scotchgard carpet protection is one of the modern-day essentials to protect your carpet from damage through spillage, vomit etc. To do this, a thick but invisible layer of spray is sprayed all over the carpet. This protects the base of the carpet and the fibres while removing any dirt present in it.

    End of lease carpet cleaning

    This is a special, extremely intense form of carpet cleaning for those who are moving in or out of properties that they had taken on lease. The reason behind it being it so intense is that you never know what condition the carpet might be in.

    Types of stains that we at Koala Carpet Cleaning will remove (but not limited to)-

    Nail Polish Stains

    Nail polish stains are those annoying stains that are sometimes hard to remove because of how small the spillage is.

    Urine stains

    Urine stains are one of the worst kinds of stains out there. Not only are they visible but they stench as well.

    Pet stains

    Pets are the carriers of dust, dirt and soil on to your carpets and often cause a few stains themselves. So if you run into this trouble, ring us in.


    Bloodstains too are a persistent variety of stains. If allowed to stay, they seep in and leave a permanent mark on the carpet.

    Food stains

    Food stains are simply unavoidable. Especially if you have a little kid who is a messy eater. But they are not irremovable.

    Carpet Stains Removal Perth

    Coffee and Tea stains

    Coffee and tea stains are a little bit different than the food stains in accord with them being liquids.

    Ink stains

    Ink stains are one of the worst kinds of stains you could get. Not only are they persistent but they disfigure your carpet straight away.

    Wine stains

    Just like coffee and tea stains, wine stains are also pretty much unavoidable.

    Slime stains

    Slime stains are, well, slimy and irritating. Not only they tend to stick around, but if removed forcefully, they might rip out a few fibres along with them.

    Wax Stains

    Wax stains, like slime stains, are very irritating but cause more damage to the fibres when forcefully removed.

    Why is carpet cleaning important?

    Carpet cleaning is important for a lot of reasons. Off the top of our heads, it removes all the stains and spills that ruin the beauty of your carpet along with the dust and dirt that is stuck in the fibres. These things act as magnets for all kinds of infections in your household not to mention reducing the life of your carpet as a whole. So, to restore your carpet to its pristine state and prevent pollutants and infections from taking residence in your household. Not to mention, regular carpet cleaning increases the life of your beloved carpet and saves you money down the line. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at Koala Carpet Cleaning Perth and let us weave our magic with that beloved carpet of yours.

    Carpet Cleaning Checklist

    Carpet cleaning can sometimes be a long and cumbersome process. But before we get started, there are a few things that you have to do. And don’t worry; they’re not some herculean tasks. Here is a checklist that you have to follow before you get going –

    Make the appointment on a day that you don’t have to use the room

    Arguably the toughest task on the list. Make sure that you don’t have to access the room on the day of the cleaning and no one steps on it for the next few days.

    Remove all the small and breakable items

    While we have a well trained and aware staff, mishaps might happen due to no one’s fault in particular. So we advise you to remove all the small items that may cause trips and falls.

    Make sure pets are as far away as possible

    While we make sure to use only eco-friendly and pet-friendly products, even then, it may cause your pets some unwarranted discomfort. So it is best that while we clean and restore your carpets, your pets are on the opposite end of the house.

    Other carpet cleaning services by Koala Carpet Cleaning Perth

    Commercial carpet cleaning

    We offer extremely reasonable rates for carpet cleaning in commercial spaces. Plus, we don’t discriminate between large commercial spaces and small shops.

    Residential carpet cleaning

    We offer unmatched residential carpet cleaning services at affordable prices. Our machines are top of the line.

    Emergency carpet cleaning

    We offer 24*7 support which includes cleaning services at the earliest possible moment.

    Truck Mounted

    This method of carpet cleaning is optional and employed when the client wants to follow through with the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. A truck will be parked on your premises to lay down the pipe for the cleaner to reach your carpet.

    After party cleaning

    Parties involve a lot of drinks and food spillage. Not to mention all the dust and grime that will remain on your carpets once everyone leaves with their filthy shoes. So give us a call and we will return everything to how it should be.

    Carpet Cleaning Perth

    Why choose us?

    Frankly speaking, we are the best at what we do. And we do it at unbelievably low prices. Not to mention, we strive towards customer happiness. All our practices are –

    • Eco friendly
    • We guarantee customer satisfaction
    • No hidden charges
    • Flexible booking times
    • We bring carpets back to life

    So with that being said, we hope to see you soon at Koala Carpet Cleaning Perth


    Does Koala Carpet Cleaning Perth service all across Perth?

    Yes, we do. If you live anywhere in Perth, do give us a call. We will give you an obligation free quote and you can make an appointment as per your convenience. And if you want the carpet to be cleaned away from your premises, then that can be arranged too.

    How long does carpet dyeing take?

    The actual carpet dyeing part of the process is not that long. What does take time is the carpet to dry? The drying part of things can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days.

    Are your solutions family and pet friendly?

    We at Koala Carpet Cleaning Perth make it a point to use solutions and cleaners made out of natural ingredients only. So all our content is free from all kinds of chemical toxins and is extremely family and pet friendly.