Carpet Cleaning Gawler

Need Carpet Cleaning Gawler? We are a team of professional carpet cleaners committed & passionate about steam carpet cleaning & carpet stain removal services.

Carpet Cleaning Gawler

Carpet Cleaning Gawler

Steam/Dry Carpet Cleaning Gawler

Despite all the efforts, your carpets are sure to get loaded with tones of dust, dirt, spills, and accidents. Daily cleaning helps in the removal of these dust particles but for perfect cleaning and to make your carpets look new as before, it is must to hire carpet cleaning professionals in Gawler.

Koala Cleaning Gawler provides all kinds of cleaning under the one roof whether it is tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning and the likes.

Carpets are your long-term investments and they have to be cleaned with care and consideration without causing any damage to it. You will yourself discover the difference between home carpet cleaning and Professional Carpet Cleaning Services, you just have to call us and you will be impressed by the flawless cleaning provided by our local cleaners.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Gawler

  • Carpet Dry CleaningIt’s a long five-step process that will make your carpet free from all the dust and allergens.
  • Carpet Steam CleaningIt is a long process but will impart the carpets of your home a new look.
  • Industrial Carpet CleaningNot only residential carpet cleaning, we also deal with the business and the commercial carpet cleaning.
  • Damage RestorationOur experts will also repair any wear and tear to the carpets if any and will bring life back to your carpets.
  • Urine RemovalAccidents are common in houses having kids, so is the presence of urine and its stringent smell. Our expert carpet cleaners will make you free from the stains and the unpleasant smell of urine.
  • Rug CleaningRugs harbour excessive amounts of dirt and soil into it, but our experts also expertise in the cleaning of rugs and make them dust and allergen free.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Carpet Cleaners

If you take a view of the market there are many carpet cleaners that will make your carpets look new and beautiful, but are they qualified and skilful? Do remember the following while going to choose a carpet cleaner:

  • Make sure that the technicians and the workers are trained and meet the Australian standard as a minimum requirement.
  • Also, make sure that the company you are hiring is certified and experienced. Go through the customer reviews before handing over your carpets to them.
  • Ask the treatment process they are going to give your carpets, be aware of the type, grade and the quality of solutions they are going to use on it.

Ask what type of services they offer residential, commercial, insurance or construction this will help you in choosing the right type of service.

Best Carpet Cleaning Gawler

    Best Carpet Cleaning Gawler

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Dry Cleaning

    The carpets are vacuumed so as to remove the dry soil from them. The carpet is then made wet with the help of water so in order to extract the internal mud from within. It is then treated with a dry cleaning agent along with dry cleaning solvents that break the oily residue. The rotary machine along with cotton pads immersed in hot water is then spun on for complete absorption.

  • Steam Cleaning

    Sprays along with water are used to agitate the carpet so as to extract out the dust and dirt particles from it. We make sure that maximum water is extracted from the carpets making them perfectly dry. It generally takes 4-24 hours to become completely dry.

  • Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE)

    It is one of our best green certified solutions that are 100% natural and also safe for your kids. The process uses less water in comparison to other processes leaving your carpets dry within hours.

We use carbonated solutions that penetrate deep within the carpets and help loosen the dirt that is easily whisked away with the extraction equipment.  It removes maximum allergens and bacteria from the carpets and the indoor air. The method uses no harsh chemicals and soaps and is healthier for you and your family.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Gawler

Professional Carpet Cleaning Gawler

Carpet Stain Removal

The stain makes the carpets look ugly, moreover, the stain harbour bacterias and other microorganisms which is not recommended for a healthy atmosphere. At Koala Cleaning we have a certified technician who has expertise in using chemical ingredients, they use the best approach for each type of stains on the carpet. Using there experience and skills, they do their job proficiently, if you’re looking to have our carpet stain removal service, then please contact us, our number is mention on the top right corner of the website.

Carpet Protection Services in Gawler

We offer packages that will help revitalize the stain resistant power of your carpets. Have a look at the packages we offer:

  • Power Guard Package: – This package is suitable for solution-dyed carpets. It gives a boost to your carpet’s stain resisting powers.
  • Repel Protectant Package: – It is good for all the carpets. The repel protectant applied makes a shield around the carpet and prevents the stains from f1rom setting into it again.
  • Wool Protectant Package: – A water-based solution is applied that is specifically suitable for carpets and rugs made up of wool. The protectant guards the carpets against liquid spills. These packages ensure maximum protection to your carpets; we generally recommend re-applying these packages every 12-18 months for maximum protection efficiency.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Gawler

    • Expert Carpet Cleaning Gawler

Reliable and Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Gawler

Besides providing residential services, we also serve the business and the government departments and are proud to be a part of Gawler’s local community. We commit to making Gawler a beautiful place to live in. You will be pleased with our customer service, focused attitude and dedicated team that will give you exceptional results so that you can enjoy a flawless finish every time-guaranteed. Get in touch with us once!

Outstanding job

This company did an outstanding job! I know I was fortunate to have been able to get service the same day I called! As they are fully booked most of the time Koala Cleaning was prompt, efficient. all 12 of my carpet look fabulous and smell great! if also u are looking for carpet cleaning also these are your team for sure, I recommended them to my friend also. after the cleaning, she was screaming of happiness. she was so happy her white carpets are again white and all the stains are clearly gone, so will definitely keep recommending them.
- Clari

Location: Gawler, SA, Australia