A Complete Guide to Sealing Tiles

Tile sealing and grout restoration is one of the best ways that helps to prolong the look and performance of the tile grout. This creates a barrier in repelling water and dirt. With the help of using a simple applicator and sealer, you can take the task on yourself on safeguarding your beautiful tiled finish for a long period.

The grout sealing guide has been designed for the beginners.  This guide is aimed at providing the easiest way to seal tiles and grouts with minimum varieties of products. The main focus of the guide in on good sealing that can even be undertaken by a homeowner. The sealing of tile is essentially the same thing. Only the difference is that you need to apply grout to the whole surface of the tile. While sealing your tile please keep in mind that some of the types of unglazed porcelain tiles can only be sealed.

Tile and Grout Sealing
Tile and Grout Sealing

How to Seal The Tile Grout

Items Required

  • Grout Sealer: –

    You can choose sealer of any brand according to your preferences. Most of the tile and grout sealing services recommend using Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold. It is due to the dual action and are the most suitable for grouts and tiles. The product penetrates deep into the surface of the tile, ensuring a seal that lasts longer than other products. If you are having natural stone floorings or walls, this product works amazing on it.
  • Grout Sealer Applicator: –

    There are various tools that can be used for the application of sealer on the tiles. These ranges from paintbrushes to foam rollers. There are special sealer applicators that most of the experts recommends for the first timers. You will simply have to pour the product into it. Now with the help of the tip of the brush apply the sealer directly on the grout.
    The product or the sealer can be dispensed easily and neatly from the dispenser. This will prevent splashing the sealer onto the surface of the tile. The method makes the clean-up easier. This will be less likely to splatter the sealer over the tiles that would require extra clean-up. If you are working on larger areas or onto the grout gaps that are thicker, a sealer applicator containing a foam tip would speed up the task. For working on the natural tiles, use a foam roller.
  • Nitrile Gloves: –

    Best Tile and Grout Cleaning in Sydney services use the nitrile gloves would help you in keeping safe and protect you from the chemicals that are found in the sealers. The gloves are resistant to the chemicals and are recommended by most of the sealer brands such as Aqua Mix while handling their products. A pair of gloves would be sufficient for carrying out the work of sealing the tiles.

After the work has been completed, dispose the gloves safely as the sealant would dry on the surface of the gloves. This makes them unsuitable for reusing them. You might also use some of the kneepads, as you will require kneeling on hard and cold surfaces for longer periods.

Application of Sealer

  • Step 1: – Before applying the sealer, allow the new grout to stay at least for 48 hours so that it gets cure properly. This is to ensure that the grout has finished curing and have bonded properly with the surface of the tiles. Sealing it before the time will prevent a strong cure from occurring. This shortens the life of the grout. If the grout is too old, you can also follow these steps and the grout and tile surface would be properly cleaned.
    While you are waiting for the tiles and grout to cure, you can mask off any of the surfaces that the sealer will not touch. These include areas such as baseboards and other wooden or metal finishing. The applicator should be able to minimise the excess solution from spilling out. It is best to protect the areas that you are concerned.
  • Step 2: – Once the grout has been fully cured and once the areas has been masked off, you can carry on the work of sealing. Make sure the grout is free from any types of dirt particles and is completely dry. Put on the nitrile gloves and then pour the sealer into the applicator bottle. Use the paintbrush point of the bottle apply even amount solution onto the grout. Make sure that the entire gaps in the grout from every edge of the tiles.
    You can saturate the grout with the chemical. It will absorb all the chemicals and help in achieving better seal. If you decide to spray the solution onto the surface of the tiles, simply use an absorbing paper or towel. Clean the area with the paper or towel before it dries out. Follow the same procedure until all your grout gaps are covered.

You will find that the grout has darker colour and is still wet. This is a good sign and indicates that the sealer has been applied perfectly. Allow the sealer to dry completely. This will take at least half an hour. Now apply a second coat and follow the same step that has been done during the first coat. The surface will be ready after 2 hours. It is recommended to keep the area dry for at least 12 hours. You will achieve the full cure after a day. This will make the tile surface normal and safe once again for normal use.

Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning
Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning

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