5 Stains which can Stand Tough on Sofa Fabric

Do you want to get a stain-free sofa at your homes? Well, there are several kinds of stains which are responsible for the bad appearance of the sofa in your homes. Although there are many things that are mentioned below; that helps to remove such tough stains from your sofa in the best way. Having a stain-free sofa is the need of everyone,  in the serious cases, you can contact experts that offer you with the upholstery cleaning Hobart, that helps in removal of the stains from the sofa fabric. To know about the different kinds of stains and their removal, refer the below-given information.

Fabric Sofa Stain Removal
Fabric Sofa Stain Removal

Types of Stains that are Found on Sofa Fabric

Different Types of Stains and  Things used to Remove them are as Follows:

  • Food Stains

It is common in case of kids if they are sitting on the sofa and had some accidental spills. This spills cause food stains on the sofa. Therefore if these food stains do not clean immediately then become tough and fades the color of the sofa fabric. One can use the cleaning detergent and blot the stained area.  The cleaning detergent helps to clean the stained area.

  • Greasy Stains

The greasy stains are hard to remove and become stubborn. Therefore to clean them easily you need to use the baking soda solution and dab over the stained area. After that let it allow to sit for 10 minutes in the stained area.  After that dry out the area with the drier machine for the better results.

  • Wine Stains

The wine stains are common to occur on the sofa fabric. The only way to get rid of the wine stains is with the help of vinegar. You need to take vinegar and mix it in warm water and after that blot it over the dry area. After blotting clean the stained area for better results.

  • Coffee Stains

The coffee stains are removed with the help of the liquid detergent which is mixed in the warm water. After that with the help of brush which is rubbed over the stained areas for the complete removal of the stain.

  • Ink Stains

Alcohol is one of the best solutions to remove ink stains from the sofa fabric. The inks stains go deeply inside the sofa fabric and become tough. In that case, you can rub the alcohol and can remove the ink stains completely from the sofa fabric.

Remove Ink From Sofa
Remove Ink From Sofa

How we Can Assist you?

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